Fever Care® forehead thermometers provide an accurate body temperature reading by simply placing it on your forehead just 15 seconds.

Hold Fever Care® forehead thermometers firmly at both ends and press against dry center of forehead until color stop changing for generally 15 seconds. Read the temperature while the Fever Care® forehead thermometer is still on the forehead.

TN-16 with 0.5 degree as the interval, which is designed for the purpose of measuring more accurately. Offering the availability of branding, customized color logos can be printed on both ends.

With different designs of packing, TN-16 can be retail packing or sold independently or as a give away for promotions.

  • Temperature range: 35~40C degree
  • Ideal for home & traveling use
  • Fast reading: displaying body temperature in just 15 seconds
  • Safe and convenient: unbreakable and easy-carry
  • Reusable: completely re-usable without washing or sterilizing

Customized color logo can be printed at both ends of the thermometer.